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Aura Blaze Pre-roll

Aura’s Blaze Review – A Proper Report

Reposted review of Aura's Blaze by Luca Belloiu from: aproperhigh Gelato For Breakfast Aura offers a classy and understated pre-roll pack that showcases Gelato in all its glory. IN REVIEW: Aura’s Blaze 4-pack of Gelato #33 Pre-Rolls comes complete with glass filter tips and a stylish
Aura Pre-roll packaging

Core77 Awards Category Winner for Aura’s Product Packaging

Community Choice Prize Category Winner! Thank you for voting for us. Notable Packaging Core 77 Awards - The Aura Cannabis brand was created with an inclusive voice for female cannabis users. In a marketplace overflowing with antiquated cannabis stereotypes, Aura stands out as a lifestyle brand

Our pre-rolls are different

Pre-rolls are so convenient allowing you to sample a little bit of everything, but what makes Aura pre-rolls special from others? Our pre-rolls use purely flower. We do not use trim, which are the undesired leftovers from trimming or handling that have low commercial value.