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Our pre-rolls are different

Pre-rolls are so convenient allowing you to sample a little bit of everything, but what makes Aura pre-rolls special from others?

Our pre-rolls use purely flower. We do not use trim, which are the undesired leftovers from trimming or handling that have low commercial value. Businesses will often fill pre-rolls with trim for more profit at the expense of potency and flavor. Trim can contain small leaves and sometimes small stems. They tend to be less potent, dry, and harsh when smoked.

We use glass tips instead of paper roaches. Glass is the preferred material for handling cannabis as glass is chemically non-reactive, meaning it does not affect flavor and is safe for handling some heat. That is why bongs are made from glass. They also do not deform like paper keeping your joints in better shape.

Our slim form factor allows for better dosing, and will be less harsh to smoke.

Finally, we use high grade non-refined and dye-free rolling paper that burns at a consistent rate, and produces less ash when burnt.

All you have to do is light up and enjoy!