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Aura’s Blaze Review – A Proper Report

Reposted review of Aura’s Blaze by Luca Belloiu from: aproperhigh

Gelato For Breakfast

Aura offers a classy and understated pre-roll pack that showcases Gelato in all its glory.

IN REVIEW: Aura’s Blaze 4-pack of Gelato #33 Pre-Rolls comes complete with glass filter tips and a stylish container, but the flower found inside is the real star. Full of 100% whole flower, these joints are just what you need for almost any occasion. Be it a gift for your pal or picking up a pack to stay lifted through the weekend, these 30% THC pre-rolls will definitely get where you want to go. You can expect to be left in a euphoric state that elicits both clarity and calm while remaining manageable. A true feat for a product with sky-high THC content.

Each pre-roll that stylishly slides out of this convenient Blaze box instilled me with the sort of unencumbered joy that is now de rigueur for starting the weekend. I don’t normally bake upon waking, but this was an early morning Saturday that really called for it.

It’d been a long and difficult work week and I thought it important to start the weekend off with a strong wind in my sails. It was with this idea that Blaze’s Gelato #33 pre-rolls fell into my orbit and won my heart over like a Catholic school girl who has been gifted the largest stuffed bear at the carnival by her new greaser boyfriend. With this scenario in mind, one can sense the undeniable wafts of romance in the air after smoking this product. It’s almost like these pre-rolls reach far within the bordellos of one’s mind and begin to gather kindling for the fire.

An effortless smoke that produced a welcome surge of joy.

Making it a point to fall asleep early the previous night, I awoke at sunrise and headed out for a local hike that was still cloaked in morning fog. I added a little more by sparking up this ethereally light-tasting pre-roll as I walked. The hollow glass filter is a nice touch, but at times I felt like I wasn’t getting the full Magilla. But if you’re the sort of smoker who does not like the invasiveness of heavy hits or dense buds, this is for you. And if you’re a beginner who’s prone to coughing fits, this is also right up your alley.

It feels odd recommending a 30.22% THC pre-roll to novices, but I found this to be a profoundly smooth ride. Normally I’m catapulted into unforeseen realms if I dare smoke an entire joint in one sitting, but I’d almost smoked this one by the outset of my hike and was none the worse for wear. I found it to be an effortless smoke that produced a welcome surge of joy. I found its ability to bring forth happiness to be its defining characteristic (pretty much tied with its erotic inducing capabilities).

These are fast-burning pre-rolls with bright notes of citrus and herbs. It’s as revitalizing a smoke as one can have, and by the time I got on the trail, I was brimming with positivity and even cardio-centric fortitude. I mean, I was ready to go. Sometimes I jogged, sometimes I walked, but never did I trudge or fall. I felt filled with a sense of being truly alive, and a sense of even-keeled confidence. This was only enhanced by some upbeat music that acted as the backdrop to my outdoor trek. I timed my hike to break through the fog layer when I’d reached the summit of my hike, which gave off an effect where the clouds almost looked like a white sea just below, with distant mountain islands dotting the distance.

These pre-rolls reach far within the bordellos of one’s mind and begin to gather kindling for the fire.

I finished the Blaze pre-roll set amidst this fantasy novel-like tableau. I secretly wished to myself that I had a mythical Luck Dragon to hop on and surf across these clouds. The knowledge that I was all alone at the break of dawn atop this local peak while being both figuratively and literally high, made for a fun bit of morning theater. It just helped elucidate the grandeur of my surroundings, which had the added effect of injecting a healthy level of humility into my day. This is my idea of a balanced breakfast, I thought to myself. I stood there a while longer, greeting the sun above me and the still dense clouds below, and I recalled a travel documentary about Italy I once watched. They talked about how in certain parts of the south people ate scoops of gelato for breakfast. For breakfast! It was at that moment I got it. “Yes, gelato for breakfast makes perfect sense.”


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