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Author: Aura

Our pre-rolls are different

Pre-rolls are so convenient allowing you to sample a little bit of everything, but what makes Aura pre-rolls special from others? Our pre-rolls use purely flower. We do not use trim, which are the undesired leftovers from trimming or handling that have low commercial value.

How best to store my cannabis?

Storing weed properly helps to preserve potency and flavor. You’ll want to store your weed in mason jars kept in a cool and dark place. Keep them away from sunlight like in a drawer or basement of the house but void places where it gets

Why do we cure our cannabis?

Curing weed in the right conditions improves potency and flavor. Curing is done in the dark as UV rays degrade cannabis. The ideal temperature is around 60F and at around 60% Relative Humidity (RH). The curing promotes decarboxylation turning THCA to into THC, without losing